Simplifying the most Most Exciting Opportunity in Crypto - Launchpads

We coordinate the registration, monitoring and social media requirements necessary to maximize access.


What is a

Crypto Launchpad

Launchpads introduce new Crypto Tokens to the market providing early access.

Beyond the Mood Coordinators specialize in Crypto Launchpads,
facilitating the access to early stage Crypto Tokens.

Before many Crypto Tokens get listed on an exchange they often use existing Crypto platform Tokens called Launchpads

Before listing a new Token on a Decentralized Exchange (‘DEX’) Launchpads provide the first public investment round, called an Initial DEX Offering (‘IDO’)

IDOs are known for providing unbelievable percentage returns and allocations are awarded based on a lottery sytem since they are always significantly oversubscribed.


How do

Launchpad Works

The subscription process for IDOs are technically challenging,
time consuming and require constant monitoring.

Beyond the Moon Coordinators coordinate the registration,
monitoring and social media requirements necessary to maximize access.

Each Launchpad has their own process that must be followed
for every single IDO to participate in its Whitelist Lottery.


All Launchpads have their own Token, which they require to be acquired and held, or staked.


Following and redistributing the Launchpad and every IDO’s various social media channels and promotional materials.


These tasks include Know Your Customer (‘KYC’), Anti Money Laundering (‘AML’) and Crypto Wallet Address registrations for each IDO.


Upon successful entry into a Whitelist, ETH or USDT must be swapped for the IDO’s Town at a specific date and time.


The Team Behind

Beyond the Moon


Joshua Herman

Market Advisor

Josh has been investing in Crypto since early 2017. A savvy investor with a finger on the pulse of the Crypto market, Josh is a reliable source of information regarding past performance, a skilled evaluator of future potential of Crypto Tokens and trends in the Crypto Markets.


Brett Coulson

Social Media Coordinator

Brett has been coordinating the execution of Beyond the Moon Coordinators’ strategy since before most Launchpads were even launching tokens. He’s diligent, organized, passionate about Crypto Launchpads and has developed extensive connections with the Social Media leads from all the Launchpad Platforms and many of the IDOs.


Beyond the Moon Coordinators

continues to focus on...

Supporting launchpads, their IDOs and the larger Crypto market.

Establishing a presence in the community through social media channels.

Actively seeking synergies with well respected organizations.

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